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Shopping is unavoidable to everyone in this modern world. There are various reason people visiting retail as their leisure activity than other activities. In this essay, I will explain reasons for buying as hobby and its positive and negative improvements.

There are various reasons behind shopping as their free time activity. People want to be attractive so that everyone will have to look on their costumes and accessories. Moreover, they want to try different clothes, food, cosmetic products etc. The other reason is to search for missing piece of their wardrobe. Many buy gifts for deer ones on their birthday and anniversary. Most of the family on weekends visit restaurant to dine and spend some time. Youngsters are passionate to change their mobiles to new upgraded features. It gives happiness and best pass time.

Some of positive progress of shopping is people aware about new products and prices in the market. It boosts their negotiation skills. Helps acquire profound knowledge about the each product. It improves communication skills with the strangers. It is best fitness activity moving one shop to another searching for specific product. On the other hand, people become negative growth of shopping are addiction results more expense and time. Psychological problem arises due to not satisfactory of the product.

In a nutshell, there is strong reason behind for people frequent shopping as their hobby. By analyzing both positive and negative advancement of shopping advantages outweigh the disadvantages of shopping. People are more enjoying their shopping in their spare time.

Shopping Center Essay

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Shopping Center

The shopping center seemed to sweep upwards from the ground, its 5 princely floors all overflowing with shops, burger stalls and people, could be seen from the enormous glass wall on the east side of the mall. The big wedge was filled with technological gadgets which could do anything a man or a women could do, yet never even take a gasp for breath.

From the outside all seems peaceful and reserved as the car park is not even mildly interesting, but take a step through those electric doors and the first thing that hits you is the roaring of the people, boys are shouting and laughing, children crying, women rushing. Its all a bit too much. It seems the whole world has gathered…show more content…

Finally the coffee from star bucks is almost overwhelming and knocks straight into you like a tidal wave from the sea. Smiling and winking at men and women trying to get them to stay up all night as the caffeine oozes out of the cups.

The next floor contains shops, not just one shop, thousands of shops. Clothe shops, game shops, perfume shops, movie shops, shoe shops, music shops, tie shops, hat shops, brown shops, red shops. Every kind of shop ever introduced to human kind is here. The neon lights scorch out at people luring them inside and the maps from the information points, point out the most expensive shops.

The disgusting smell of new carpet stifles in the air as you walk into a sports shop filled with the Nikes, Reeboks and adidas'. The tills check as ten pound notes fall into them and if you listen close enough you can hear the bosses cackling like evil maniacs when there plan has succeeded.

Walking back outside and three "rude boys" walk past you, wearing baggy jogging bottoms, zipped up hoodies and caps all saying either lakers, new York or ecko. They seem to want to cause attention to themselves and soon disappear in sight.

If you take a stroll even further down the demented mall the worst thing can be seen. The SALE signs. Everything in the mall is on sale. Its either buy one get one free or get three

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