Alice Buffett Magnet Middle School Homework Hotline Lisle

Funny backpack, dubbed as the Peach was designed to carry the shape of the naked back and butt of a lady. The backpack the design by Yen-Hsiang Skeet Wang.

The designer felt it necessary to tell us that he is like totally into chicks see.. and that he thinks a girls “bum” is like really erotic. The designer says: “For Peach I used mannequins, I decided to use human like display forms and breathe new life into them to add a sense of fun to an otherwise spiritless form. I used the discarded lower torso of a female mannequin and combined it with something unrelated”.

The idea for the project is based on reusing things in an innovative way. In this case, Skeet Want* has refurbished the lower half of a female mannequin into a backpack.

The multi-functional furniture trend gets luxurious with this elliptical cabinet designed by FAK3 that can rotate 360-degrees to reveal different facets.

FAK3 designed an elliptical cabinet that can rotate 360-degrees. On its two longer sides, it housed a set of keyboards and a desk; the two shorter sides accommodated storage and a television. Fitted with industrial strength bearings that can support up to two tonnes, the wooden cabinet rotates with the push of just one finger. Its off-centred axis means as the cabinet moves, its content and form shifts the room’s perceived spatial configuration to give each zone its own character.

Colour plays a large part in 360’s design. The kitchen is finished in a brilliant cobalt blue. One bathroom is clad in a soft pink and white marble while the other sparkles with crystals and jade. The black shower curtain is custom made and features pastoral images of Guilin.

To maximise the play area, the son’s cheerful yellow bedroom features steps up to a bunk bed with storage, closet and desk below. In contrast to the large fluid space in the living area, the bedrooms and bathrooms are orthogonal and strictly delineated.


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