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Here is boyhood - that fleeting time of innocence and joy, of carefree abandon. Here are boys - exuberant, irrepressible boys, boys in the flower of youth. Here is THE BOY.
In a superb collection of more than four-hundred hauntingly beautiful photographs, magnificently reproduced in deep-etched black-and-white and rich, lifelike color, this book evokes the vital spirit, theHere is boyhood - that fleeting time of innocence and joy, of carefree abandon. Here are boys - exuberant, irrepressible boys, boys in the flower of youth. Here is THE BOY.
In a superb collection of more than four-hundred hauntingly beautiful photographs, magnificently reproduced in deep-etched black-and-white and rich, lifelike color, this book evokes the vital spirit, the ephemeral magic, of the Golden Years of boyhood.
Culled from the files of hundreds of photographers all over the world, these striking pictures depict boys of many lands flexing their minds and their muscles, delighting in themselves and in the world about them.
This book will appeal to every parent, educator, youth worker, or indeed to everyone who likes boys. It is a book to gladden the heart of the young in spirit.
All the black-and-white photographs are reproduced by the finest and most luxurious technique of printing available -sheet-fed gravure - making this an art volume you will be proud to own....more

All credit goes to @snowfaked for all materials and research

In 1993 District Attorney Tom Sneddon  tried to prosecute Michael Jackson for molesting 13 year old Jordan Chandler. In the search of Neverland, several books, ‘classics’ of the pedophile world were seized as evidence.

Just under 18 months after Michael Jackson’s celebrated visit to the Houses of Parliament at the invitation of Lord Greville Janner, Neverland was raided again a decade on from the first raid. [15 June 2002 Michael Jackson visits Parliament – ITN News Source]

“Plaintiff’s request to admit seized evidence of erotic materials to demonstrate defendant’s intent, plan, scheme and motive

The People seek to introduce numerous homosexual and heterosexual picture books, videos, and magazines, seized on November 13, 2003, from the defendant’s master bedroom, suite at Neverland Valley Ranch, the video arcade and from ca room adjoining the defendant’s private office in a security building. The People also seek to admit three hard-cover books and two photographs seized from defendant’s bedroom at Neverland Ranch by the Los Angeles Police Department in August, 1993.

Book:”Boys Will Be Boys,” containing photographs of boys under the age of 14; full frontal nudity. The book is personally inscribed by Michael Jackson;”

[People of the State of California v. Michael Joe Jackson January 28, 2005]

During the Sixties, ‘Boys will be Boys’ and its predecessor, “The Boy: A Photographic Essay”, were openly published, widely distributed, and very successfully sold. The editors/authors felt confident enough to proclaim that:

“Any parent, educator, social worker, anyone who enjoys boys and the fun of boys, will treasure these magnificently reproduced photographs, and will return to them again and again. For this haunting yet happy book is a permanent celebration not only of boyhood, but of the eternal springtime of the human spirit” (Georges St. Martin/Martin Swithinbank and Ronald C. Nelson/Ronald Drew).

Chillingly, inside the cover of his copy of “Boys will be Boys’ Michael Jackson had written:

“Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys’ faces. This is the spirit of boyhood, a life I never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children. MJ.” [Read more: ]

In 1993, the same year Michael Jackson’s copies of the books were seized, the 64 year old editor of ‘The Boy’ and ‘Boys will be Boys’ Martin Swithinbank was deported to England following his release decade in prison. Within 18 months he was demanding and receiving Judicial Review of Warrington Council’s decision not to provide him with permanent council housing.

A convicted sex offender was deported to England after serving time for sodomizing young boys on Long Island, the Nassau County district attorney said Wednesday.

Martin Swithinbank, 64, formerly of Baldwin Harbor, was deported to England after completing a 7 1/2-to-15-year sentence. He was released Dec. 19, 1992, after spending more than 10 years in prison, said District Attorney Denis Dillon.

Dillon said he was notified on Wednesday by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Services that Swithinbank was deported back to England shortly after being released from prison [Buffalo News – 25 February 1993]
A 66-year-old man who was refused a permanent Warrington BC home after being deported from the United States after serving a jail term, has won the right to a full judicial review.

In London’s High Court, Justice May ruled that Martin Swithinbank‘s complaints against the council were ‘arguable’.

Mr Swithinbank, currently in temporary accommodation in Warrington, challenges the council’s decision that he is ‘intentionally homeless’.
The court heard that Mr Swithinbank lived in the United States between 1951 and 1992 when he was deported after serving a prison sentence imposed in 1984.
On his return to Britain he lived with a friend in Warrington, but he claims he had no option but to later leave that address. He applied to the council for a permanent home, but was turned down in February this year.

The council accepted that Mr Swithinbank was homeless and in ‘priority need’ of housing in view of his age. But it was the council’s view that his last ‘settled’ address had been the home in New York City where he lived before he was jailed.

The reason he became homelessness was the criminal offence he committed in America, the council claimed.
Mr Swithinbank was ruled ‘intentionally homeless’ and, although the council has housed him temporarily, they deny any obligation to give him a permanent home.

After a brief hearing today, Mr Justice May opened the way for him to challenge that decision by Judicial Review.
Unless matters are resolved in the meantime, his case will return to the High Court for a full hearing. [Local Government Council – 7 July 1994]

On closer examination, the 40+ year history of Swithinbank’s life in America, from when he settled there as a 1951 Fulbright Scholar at Harvard’s School of Business Administration to his deportation, provides clues as to why US paedophile luminary Yale’s Rev. George Parker Rossman [see here for his correspondence with the Albany Trust’s Antony Grey in 1979] escaped justice and also as to the depth of transatlantic child abuse network links. Events in the US (such as raids, evidence seized, trials and convictions…or inexplicable decisions to take no further action or deals cut for immunity from prosecution for informants) take on new significance. The difference in bail between Swithinbank and his fellow NAMBLA trustee Jerry Fox (still employed as the Director of the Sexual Abuse Prevention Program NY even after his conviction for child abuse in 1982) is another disparity which deserves further research.

Starting out as professional independent photographer whose works appeared in Encyclopedia Britannica and Life magazine as well as many other Madison Avenue publications, Swithinbank soon graduated to being a major distributor of boy sex abuse images in 1970, who was also connected to the 1973 Long Island Fraser/Rossman international boy sex ring [not forgetting that Rossman is credited for writing a children’s Bill of Rights which are so often propagandized by groups like PIE and NAMBLA], as well as being a major shaper of the North American Boy Love Association from its inception with a curious connection to the most famous child abduction in US history – Etan Patz abducted in 1979.

D. W. Nichols, according to his 1977 interview in the Midwest Gay Academic Journal by Daniel Tsang [Published through the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI Gay Academic Union – the same school where Martin’s cousin glacierologist Charles Swithinbank did his research], was with Book Explorers, Inc. from 1967 through 1970. Book Explorers, later evolving into Book Adventures, Inc. published Martin Swithinbank‘s 1964 “The Boy: A Photographic Essay” and 1966 “Boys Will Be Boys!” with Swithinbank using the alias “Georges St. Martin” and co-author Ronald Drew, a New York public schoolteacher, using the alias “Ronald C. Nelson.” Drew was later fired for molesting a student but was able to retain his pension through legal action. Book Explorers also publish a quarterly magazine called Boyhood, as well as pederast calendars and literature.

Dennison William Nichols from Mason, Michigan was the Sociology professor at Western Michigan University from the Sixties into the 1980s. Western Mich is located in Kalamazoo [100 miles directly west of Ann Arbor]. In 1962, Nichols was wrote an article for the Mattachine Review, “The Existential Approach to the Causation and Maintenance of Male Homosexuality.” The Mattachine Society was an early homosexual advocacy group created by famed American gay-rights activist Harry Hay. Another Harry Hay disciple was Guy Strait, infamous child sex abuse pornographer. The Mattachine Society was connected to the Communist Party in the fifties.

The ending of Nichols association with Book Explorers in 1970 is significant, because on June 10, 1970 the Associated Press reported that a “$1 million worth of pornographic material” was raided in a Cape Cod film shop located in Barnstable, Massachusetts. Hundreds of thousands of colored slides, photogrpahs and brochures were confiscated in the raid. The outfit went under the name “Aquarius Press.” Three men were arrested in the bust: Norval Shutz, 51; Dennison W. Nichols, 34; and Martin W. Swithinbank, 42. A filing cabinet containing thousands of names and addresses from around the world were discovered. Whether the three were jailed from these arrest is not yet known.

Another significant detail from the 1977 Nichols interview is his discussion of George Parker Rossman, ordained minister and former dean of Ecumenical College at Yale University. Rossman was arrested in 1973 with Dr. Morris Fraser, Belfast child psychologist, and other in a Long Island, NY, boy sex ring. Nichols said that Rossman received a pederast mailing list from Nichol’s [and Swithinbank‘s] Book Explorers company. We can assume this is the same list discovered in Nichol’s and Swithinbank‘s Aquarius Press operation which was raided in 1970, the same year Nichols left Book Explorers. Nichols said that Rossman published his book on boy sex trafficking “Boys for Sale” through Book Explorers using the alias Jonathan Drake. Nichols, Swithinbank and Rossman were all obviously very good friends.

Rossman’s arrest in Long Island, NY in 1973 is also of some factual importance. A January 30, 1983 Milwaukee Journal article by Dennis Bell and Richard C. Firstman titled “Boy beware” wrote of the arrest of 17-year-old Harold Baker for the November 29, 1982 kidnapping of a New Jersey boy. Baker was said to have been involved with Swithinbank since he was 8-years-old, which means since 1973. Martin W. Swithinbank, NAMBLA trustee/steering committee member, was arrested for sodomy and sexual assault on July 11, 1981, along with eventually eight others, at his Baldwin Harbor cottage home located on Long Island, NY. Not only were Swithinbank and Rossman business associates, they also were arrested in the same vicinity. Was Swithinbank part of the 1973 boy sex ring in Long Island, but remained undetected?

Another point of relevance is the disappearance of Etan Patz in New York City, May 25, 1979. Etan became instantly recognizable throughout the United States as the first missing child whose face was printed on a milk carton. During the kidnapping of a New Jersey boy, Charles Dyson, by Harold Baker in December 1982 [Dyson was put on a bus from Vermont by 22-year-old NAMBLA “chickenhawk” Hugh Hammill and returned to NYC onDecember 30th], suspicions were raised about NAMBLA being involved in the Etan Patz disappearance. NAMBLA’s Wareham, Massachusetts cottage headquarters was raided by the FBI on December 3 in relation to the Patz case. Authorities said there was evidence of Dyson being at the cottage two days before the raid.

A few days before Dyson’s return and the arrests of Baker and Hammill, press reports circulated of a possible photograph of Etan Patz being found in the Wareham cottage raid. NAMBLA held a news conference on December 28 stating that the photograph could not possibly be of Etan since it came from a January 1968 Boyhood calendar published from Book Explorers, Inc. NAMBLA released two photocopies. One of the cover of “Boyhood Calendar, 1968,” and one of the January calendar leaf including the photo of the boy resembling Etan. NAMBLA spokesman David Thorstad identified the model but did not know of his whereabouts. He said the association had no connection with the calendar, and he would not release the name of the calendar’s owner, who did “not wish to be harassed.” The owner and creator of the calendar was professional photographer Martin Winthrop Swithinbank! NAMBLA must have known their recently convicted trustee made the calendar. Given that many NAMBLA pederasts were very experienced with photographic processing, was the picture of the boy who looked like Etan Patz superimposed onto an old Swithinbank calendar and photocopied to the press?

As of this writing, the man on trial for Etan Patz’ disappearance is 69-year-old Jose Antonio Ramos. Ramos was jailed March 27, 1987 in Pennsylvania for sexually assaulting two boys. He served his full 27-year sentence and was subsequently charged with the disappearance of Etan.

Is it possible a “chickenhawk” for NAMBLA abducted Etan Patz into their child abuse ring? A photocopy of Martin Swithinbank‘s 1968 Boyhood calendar for Book Explorers does not clear away suspicion of their involvement.

1951-1953 Martin was at Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration on a Fulbright travel grant

Ronald Drew who collaborated with Martin Swithinbank (as Georges St Martin) using the pseudonym of Ronald C. Nelson on another book found in Michael Jackon’s bedroom in Neverland in 1993 was a New York teacher, later indicted for trading child abuse images in 1980 but was able to keep his pension.

In 1965 Martin had also used his skills for synchronised multiple screen exhibitions of photos at the International Photographic Exposition at the New York Coliseum

By the 1970s, if not before, Book Adventures Inc through whom PIP were publishing Swithinbank’s work had made contact with a UK distributor, “Sun & Health Ltd” owned by Elysium Publications’ California Nudist tycoon, Erwin “Ed” Lang.

As shown by The Spectator’s advert for ‘The Boy’ in 1971 the address for Book Adventures was 37, Lowlands Road, Harrow Middlesex [See The Spectator, Volume 227, Issue 1  1971 Page 158], located minutes from the exclusive Harrow public school.

Martin was arrested in June 1970 at a cottage on Old Stage Road, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, not far from the popular holiday location of the wealthy, Martha’s Vineyard. Three local press reports give details of the Aquarius Press HQ in a cottage on Old Stage Road which housed a complete photo development lab with a $100k mail order business selling sets of slides for $140 ($475 in today’s dollars). A local bank had tipped off the police due to the large checks being received from all over the world. A world-wide mailing list was seized. George Parker Rossman had used this mailing list for marketing his book

In May 1973 eight men involved in an international child trafficking and abuse network on Long Island ring were raided,  including PIE’s Dr Morris Fraser and Yale’s Rev. George Parker Rossman. Parker Rossman was already on $21,000 bail [today’s dollars $117k – no mean feat raising that kind of money for a Dean] for having been apprehended in  and was the Dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center at Yale University where Berkeley’s Divinity School had only recently moved to New Haven “in order to better fulfill its mission by being in touch with the resources of an urban center and a great university, a purpose fulfilled by its affiliation with YDS in 1971” Parker Rossman was

Three Arrested In Raid On Cape Cod Film Shop

BARNSTABLE, Mass. (UPI)– State and local police seized more than $1 million worth of pornographic material, mostly colored slides of young boys; in a raid on a cottage Tuesday.

Three men were arrested, two at the cottage and the other later in the day in nearby Bourne. Hundreds of thousands of colored slides, photographs and brochures were confiscated.

Capt. Charles Harrington of the state police said most of the slides showed young boys between the ages of 7 and 14 in various poses.

Headquarters of the Aquarius Press, the cottage on Old Stage Road was the scene of a $100,000 mail order business, according to officials. The building housed a complete photo lab.

Police said the raid was made following a tip from a local bank that it was receiving large checks from all over the world. Officials said a mailing list with world-wide customers was found for the slides, which sold at $140 for a set of 48.

Arrested and charged with possession of obscene literature with intent to sell were Martin Swithinbank, 42, of Barnstable, Dennison W. Nichols, 34, of Osterville and Norval Shutz, 51, of Buzzards Bay.

Nichols and Schutz were released on $1,000 bond and had their cases continued to June 17. Swinthinbank, arrested later in the day, was to be arraigned today.

[Naugatuck Daily News – June 10, 1970]

Smut Ring Cracked 

CENTERVILLE, Mass. (AP) — Authorities say an estimated $1-million worth of pornographic material was seized during a raid Tuesday by police and postal officers at a barn and cottage.

Three men were arrested on charges of possessing the material with the intention of selling it Police said most of the seized stockpile was colored slides showing boys from 7 to 14 years of age.

The raid resulted from a tip to state police by a Cape Cod bank concerning enormous checks from all over the world as deposits.

About 80,000 color slides, catalogs, books photos and photographic equipment were removed to a bonded warehouse by van for storage pending further court action.

Arrested were Norval Shutz, 51, of Buzzards Bay; Denison W. Nichols, 35, of Osterville, who were released on $1,000 bail after pleading innocent; and M.W. Swithenbank, 42, arrested aboard a bus leaving Cape Cod, who was not immediately arraigned.

The cottage was equipped with a darkroom, television set, hundreds of classical records and boxes of new boy’s clothing. [Greenfield Recorder – Wednesday, June 10, 1970]

Homosexual Material Seized in Cape Cod Raid

CENTERVILLE, Mass. (AP) – Authorities say an estimated million worth of pornographic material was seized during a raid Tuesday by police and postal officers officers at a barn and cottage.

Three men were arrested on charges of possessing the material with the intention of selling it. Police said most of the seized stockpile was colored slides showing boys from 7 to 14 years of age.

The raid resulted from a tip to state police by a Cape Cod bank concerning “enormous checks from all over the world” as deposits.

About 80,000 color slides, catalogs, books photos and photographic equipment were removed to a bonded warehouse by van for storage pending further court action.

Arrested were Norval Shutz 51, of Buzzards Bay; Denison W. Nichols, 35, of Osterville who were released on bail after pleading innocent; and M.W. Swithenbank, 42, arrested aboard a bus leaving Cape Cod who was not immediately arraigned.

The cottage was equipped with a darkroom, television set, hundreds of classical records and boxes of new boy’s clothing. Some of the furniture in the cottage appeared in the photographs, police said.

Copies of a letter were found in the cottage offering 600 slide sets, five to a set at $3 per slide, advertised as the “wildest and best selection of such material in the U.S. and ever,” the police said.

A filing cabinet contained thousands of names and addresses from throughout the world, police said.

Bank officials told State Police Capt. Charles Harrington the checks started arriving about a month ago. [Portsmouth Herald – Wednesday, June 10, 1970 Page 3 ]

Despite being on bail for child abuse charges (while being listed as Dean of the Ecumenical Continuing Education Center Faculty of Yale University , New Haven, Ct) Parker Rossman felt able to publish this article in November 1973

From Disciples Divinity House, University of Chicago [click above for website]

1974: Swithinbank edits ‘Sexual Adventures in Marriage’

About 11 or 12 years ago, while digging through a forgotten part of the Chelsea flea market, I found a copy of the classic Fornicating Female Freaks on Audio Stag Records. That was cool, but stuffed inside the jacket was a second record: this little gem.

A soundtrack to a “film documentary” of the same name, Sexual Adventures in Marriage is a terrific mess largely due to the narrator, who is aloof, maybe tipsy, and most definitely rushed. He coughs repeatedly, clears his throat, flubs his lines, and loudly turns his pages. A phone rings next to him at one point, and you can also hear what sounds like a big truck driving by outside. As the narration goes on, I could swear that a couple of the pregnant pauses are due to the narrator actually stifling a yawn. And that’s not even getting into the content of Sexual Adventures in Marriage. Most of it is only moderately spicy, but things definitely heat up by Reel 3, which contains such progressive maxims as “Never tolerate muscular softness in your wife” and “Give her a good slap where she’s built for slapping.”

Pent-R-Books was a cheapo, X-rated publishing outfit based at 120 13th St in Brooklyn, in business from the late-60s (maybe before) through the late-70s. From what I can tell, they published mainly adult fare disguised as how-to books. They published a book version of Sexual Adventures in Marriage (written by one Rudiger Boschmann), as well as other titles such as The Full Color Guide To Sexual Pleasures A-Z, The Picture Book of Sexual Love, and Love’s Photo Album.

The story got more interesting when I discovered that Pent-R-Books was, in a way, some kind of free speech pioneer. In New York in 1971, Pent-R-Books challenged what was known as the Goldwater Amendment, a law that had passed requiring notices on any sexual oriented mail. At the same time, the Post Office had made available a blanket protection form for anyone who did not wish to receive such material. According to articles in the New York Times, the law stated that publishers had to purchase the lists (which were updated weekly by the Post Office) to make sure they were not breaking the law when sending out their explicit material. The law itself carried stiff fines and jail sentences. Pent-R-Books apparently had a mailing list of over 8 million potential customers they regularly sent sexually oriented ads to, and demanded a restraining order on the law. They claimed that the law was a violation of free speech, and would irreparably damage their business. The State’s Attorney disagreed, and a 3-judge panel was ordered.

Problem is, that’s where the news dries up on my end. By late 1971, 500,000 people had signed the Post Office forms, and Pent-R and four other publishers had been dutifully purchasing them at great expense, while still pursuing the matter in the courts. Missing from the newspapers was a 1974 case, United States vs. Pent-R-Books, which appears in a finding aid for the John Francis Dooling papers at the Harvard Law Library. In 1976, Pent-R-Books was still kicking around, as that’s the date of this recording. However, by 1979, the company was bankrupt and an attempt was made to purchase (for ten grand) the rights to their holdings by one Jay M. Halpert. [ Pent-R-Books, Inc. – Sexual Adventures in Marriage]

1974 – Swithinbank edits ‘Sexual Adventures in Marriage’

1977: Swithinbank imprisoned for child abuse  -receives commendation from Nassau County official for building a prison library [NAMBLA News Fall 1981]

In 1976 Denison W Nichols, caught with Martin Swithinbank in June 1970 a Cape Cod, had published a book ‘Toward a Perspective for Boy-Lovers’ and Rossman published his ‘Sexual Experience Between Men and Boys’ (New York: Association Press – which Nichols identifies as an ‘offspring company’ of Book Explorers.

By 1977 Nichols knows at least 500 fellow pederasts, a large number of them being the same friends and acquaintances as George Parker Rossman. “We know many of the same people because he used our mailing list to contact these individuals.”

Mid-West Gay Academic Journal, Vol 1, Issue 1- 3 1977

Swithinbank in the 1980s

April 1981:  Nassau County Police had begun observing a cottage at 664 Lincoln Street, Baldwin Harbour, Long Island, New York, the home of Martin Swithinbank. After four months, on July 11 1981

July 11 November 1981: Swithinbank and Gerry Fox are arrested

Fri 12 November 1982: Nassau County, New York District Court finds them guilty

Who else was convicted with Swithinbank?A 76 year old NY neurologist, the Director of Sexual Abuse Prevention Programs NY,

Dr Wayne Henning (b. 15 September 1906 – d. January 1986) (aged 76 at trial) NY neurologist

Dr. Wayne Henning was the medical director of Stony Wold Sanatorium from 1939 until it closed its doors in 1955. Dr. Henning attended the University of Iowa in Ames. He interned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was a resident in Albany, New York. He contracted tuberculosis and was cured at Trudeau Sanatorium in the late 1920’s or early 1930’s and stayed on in the North Country for over 20 years, becoming medical director of Stony Wold Sanatorium in the mid to late 1930’s.


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