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Pro: Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia or assisted suicide is a very sensitive and debatable topic in today's society. Webster's Dictionary defines euthanasia as a painless and easy death. However there are many religious, moral, and ethical arguments against this method that is currently illegal. Many people seem to fear and dread the thought of aging and death itself. It is not easy for most of us to see death as an inevitable part of life. However the issues that surround euthanasia are not only about death, they are about one's liberty, right to privacy, and control over one's own body ( Assisted suicide should be allowed everywhere because everyone should have the right to choose how…show more content…

As of this writing, thirty-five states have statutes that prohibit assisted suicide, nine states and the District of Columbia have common-law prohibitions, and five states have unclear laws. The common-law prohibitions are not always enforced; Kevorkian, who has been present at over seventy assisted suicides, has never been convicted in any of several trials held in Michigan, despite that state’s common-law ban (Nicol, Wylie 27-32).
Currently, Oregon is the only state that has legalized assisted suicide. The Oregon statute, which came into effect in October 1997, states that a doctor may prescribe, but not administer, a lethal dose of medication to a patient who has less than six months to live. It is required that two separate doctors must agree that the patient is mentally competent and that the decision was voluntary. As of April 1999, 23 patients were given drugs legally under the statute, and 15 of them used the drugs to commit suicide (Prado, Taylor 213-217). What makes assisted suicide legal in Oregon? Is it fair that individuals in Oregon are allowed to end their suffering painlessly? Unfortunately, numerous people throughout America have terminal illnesses that cause tremendous personal suffering. These people do not want to continue living, they are aware that their health will not improve and the pain will not come to an end so in turn they want to end their lives peacefully and painlessly. These people feel as if they have

There have been so much different implementations made for our modern world recently, especially in the field of medicine. Time goes by, scientists develop more and more vaccines, drugs, treatment modalities caring for patients with various diagnosis. No wonder that nowadays doctors carry some specific procedures related to birth and death. For instance, with the help of a doctor people who are not able to have children get the opportunity to implant embryo to woman’s body artificially, thus, using medical instruments made special for such process. More and more people turn to medical workers in the matter of surrogate maternity. Medical science continues its development in cancer treatment, producing new safe preparations and chemo methods of treatment. If you are interested in the topic of cancer diseases, be free to check cancer essays on our site.  

When it comes to death issue, medicine offers such a way of passing out which is referred to as physician assisted suicide or PAS, in short. People often confuse PAS with so-called euthanasia. The distinction between these two terms consists in the fact that PAS allows an ill person to choose his or her way to die. Euthanasia, in its turn, means that the doctor is supposed to provide the way of carrying the patient’s life away. There are still some investigations concerning active and passive euthanasia. Consequently, the first one, active, implies taking life of a patient purposefully. Passive euthanasia is referred to means of death when attending physician let a person die unintentionally, knowing the outcome but withholding it.

Essay on Assisted Suicide: “For” Factors

Even if you are totally against such specific form of suicide, do not rush to skip all “for” ideas. Among those willing to die in such a way the reasons for committing assisted suicide were the following:

  • Terminal diseases
  • Losing of self-sense
  • Intensive pain and suffering
  • Fear of becoming a burden for the relatives

When we talk about terminal illnesses, a person is most probably going to pass away. That is why they are called ‘terminals’, the grievous result is inevitable and any chances to save person’s life come to naught. Many terminals (patients suffering from severe incurable diseases) find in such a way their final release from pain and torments. It is even hard to imagine in what condition such a person may be. Some of them are ill to such an extent, or so to say, to the peak of a disease when they completely lose control and self-sense, thus, their body and mental abilities have already surrendered to the disease and nothing else can help. While first three points can play the role of causes to do this procedure, the last point is likely to fall into the “against” category. Before starting the new paragraph, check one more article regarding pros and cons, if you are interested in that way of data arrangement:

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Points against aid-to-die process

As it was mentioned above, most people also fear that they may ruin lives of the closest people around them by, if one may put it that way, stealing their time while they make useless efforts to save them. As a small introduction to against factors of this suicide prevention essay, the general idea is that the ill cannot even imagine how ruining can be their death for relatives. If the person is close to the ill indeed, he or she will fight for life of the dying person till the end and their hope will stay in them till that frightful moment of death come. So this fear is baseless, on the one hand, although everything depends on the relationship between the patient and his or her relative. If you turn to other essays on euthanasia, you will see how much a family means in making a decision to die. At another point, the stress caused by death of a beloved person may provoke unwanted habits to appear. For example, it can be alcohol or drug abuse. Learn more from our essay on alcoholism and its consequences. In such a way, the cons of assisted suicide are the following:

  • Religious matter
  • Medical oath-breaking
  • Potential wrong diagnosis

First of all, some people consider assisted death as the crime committed against God. There is a general belief that only Gog is to decide whether a person should die or not. Doctors are not Gods. They say, if you are about to die, your time just has come, it is God’s will and this is what it should be. We can’t approve the statement that most people adhere to the attitude connected with religious matter, however, the supporters of that approach are set to it seriously and believe assisted death a sin and a crime against human nature. If you are preparing your paper on connection between religion and medicine, welcome to our site.

The oath which must be made by any medical worker proclaims that depriving a person of life is completely unacceptable. It also excludes any engagement in this kind of perishing. In other words, it is indicated in the oath that a doctor must never put poisonous substances causing fatal outcome. Therefore, a physician conducting the action of suicide breaks the Oath of Hippocrates and cannot call himself a physician anymore.

Another point noticed earlier in our essay involves the chance of making incorrect diagnosis. It is highly recommended to look closer to doctors and clinics in which a person undergoes treatment. Trust those doctors who have a lot of experience related particularly to terminal diseases under their belt. If you want to order an essay about doctors’ responsibilities, check our services page. A patient may make up in his or her head the most tragic picture of the disease pattern and go for euthanasia on the basis of this fear. The situation may go out of control and even one tiny mistake matters. If you are to write your own paper on various types of suicide or related topics, turn to the useful tips covered in this article:

Anyway, nowadays physician assisted death is prohibited in many countries. Only Belgium, Japan, Canada, Australia, the Netherlands and Switzerland allow doctors to assist in dying procedure. What is more interesting some people visit these countries in order to kill themselves because of their old age or under the pretext of ‘tiring of life.’ It is a pity that sometimes the reason for assisted suicide can be loneliness. We hope this essay helped you form your attitude to such specific topic. Get more captivating data from our essay online service.

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